We have two full-length albums out so far and are working on our third. We have also released many songs on compilations through out the years.

If you happen to have any live recordings of us please contact us! Thanks.

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I Don't Think You Hear Me, Though. - Noisome Records CD 2000

This Took Some Time - Noisome Records CD 1998

SWANK! - Damphool Records CS 1996 CD 2000

The Manhattan Project (Compilation) - CD 1997

Local Super Heros (Compilation) - Benefit CD 2000

Radio Rage (Compilation) - Damphool Records CD 2000

Noisome Records Sampler (Compilation) - Noisome Records CD 2000

Skratch: What'd You Expect For Free? Vol. XII
(Compilation) - Skractch Magazine CD 2001

Skannibal Party 2 (Compilation) - Mad Butcher Records CD 2002

Loaded In Lawrence 2002 (Compilation) - Pipeline Productions CD 2002

SKA For The Commonn Man Vol. I (Compilation) - RugRubber Records CD 2006