This Took Some Time - Noisome Records CD 1998 - lyrics



Feel.  No one ever made me feel this way, or ever want to ever hope to ever say that you know how I feel.  Feel.  When I'm alone I think of you the most.  And when I'm with you, you are the perfect host.  You know how I feel.  'Cause there might be sometimes that you want to give up and cry.  But you give me your love, talking everyday.  With every beat I just have to say that...feel.  There's nothing more that I would rather do.  And when you do all those silly things you do, you know how I feel!  Feel.  Feel.  Take my heart because it belongs to you.  You get me higher than the starry, starry blue.  You know how I feel.  Baby for real!  I've got no reason for worry or regret, because you're real good.  As good as good can get.  You know how I feel!