This Took Some Time - Noisome Records CD 1998 - lyrics



We're on a mission to save this scene from all the kids that are acting mean.  Getting drunk and showing off, it's that kind that really piss me off.  But there's nothing that you can do.  They out weigh you by a pound or two.  A little jerk with a bigger friend.  That madness has got to end.  It's a common plague, as far as I can see, that the kids don't got nowhere to be.  In a town that sucks and a scene that blows, we can at least put our hearts right into the shows.  But some kids got their heads screwed on wrong, doing the same old shit that's been around too long.  Deep down, you really know what I mean.  We're on a mission to save this scene!  We're on a mission because there is no scene.  No one here to tell you who to be.  You think it's dumb because you all dance the same.  And if you do, you know who to blame.  Just stomp the stomps and shout the shouts.  That's what the music scene is all about.  And if you do you'll know who to thank.  Just give a shout to Ruskabank!