This Took Some Time - Noisome Records CD 1998 - lyrics


My Friends

My friends, they're really all that I wanted anyway.  All I need to get me through today!  I've got a little money, but not enough to go around.  And spending it all up doesn't make me happy when I'm down.  I watch the T.V., and the lady on the news.  Giving me the blues, for it I have no use.  I've got my friends all around, you know they make me feel good.  Never have to worry if they're up to no good.  They're always, always there.  There to help me out.  If you ever need me, just give me a shout.  But if a low-eye check ya, I step up to the front.  They've got to get through me if a fight is what they want.  I may be not tough, but with my friends I am enough.  Yeah, me and my friends don't deal with that stuff.  On the radio or on the phone, you hear more about it when you are alone.  I know more about it at the end of the day.  I look at what I've got and I just have to say...We want to see you up out of your seat.  Ruskabank is here to make the beat sound so sweet.  Yeah, at the scene now, we rock it all the time.  Everybody knows that we rule every rhyme.  'Cause if a low eye check ya, I don't know why.  Punch you in the jimmy, and they punch me in the eye.  I don't know why, don't know why they do that stuff.  They've got to be rough, they've got to be rough.