I Don't Think You Hear Me, Though. - Noisome Records CD 2000 - lyrics


Not The Only One

Just when I finally decided what I want to be.  It turns out I don't really want to be that at all.  Because day after day, I got all caught up in it.  People turning me down because I didn't want to fit.  They can keep it now, because I don't really care.  Faking me out, now how could that be fair?  It's late at night and I'm, I'm so tired.  I've got irregular rhythm of the heart.  I've finally found my place in the sun.  And I know that I'm not the only one.  No one knows exactly what they are gonna be.  So stop asking me because I just can't say, and that's ok.  Because the pressure to be, and the pressure to do.  It's not the pressure to me, but it's the pressure to you.  Because you can break it down and say that you're gonna play.  But how do you feel at the end of the day?  I didn't want to be all caught up in it.  Stressin' for them is what I can't get.  What'd I learn to write for?  Why'd I learn to read?  Boring routine, and too many mouths to feed?  This can't be the end.  There has to be more.  More than making money just to keep up the score.  Well, you can keep your ends, 'cause I don't really care.  I'll be rocking out while you sit there and stare!