I Don't Think You Hear Me, Though. - Noisome Records CD 2000 - lyrics


Speedy Gonzales

Consuelo, she said.  You'd better come home, Speedy Gonzales!  Before there's a noose in the rope.  Stop all of your drinkin' when after losing me is close.  Come on home to your adobe and slap some mud on the wall.  The roof is leaking like a strainer.  There's loads of roaches in the hall.  Speedy Gonzales?  Yes?   Why don't you come home?   I don't want to.  Speedy Gonzales?  Yes?   How come you leave me all alone?  Because I've got to go to town to buy something.  Your dog is gonna have a puppy, and we're running out of coke.  No enchiladas in the ice box, and the televisions broke.  I saw that lipstick on your sweatshirt, I smell the perfume in your hair.  If you're gonna keep on this fence, don't bring your business back here.