I Don't Think You Hear Me, Though. - Noisome Records CD 2000 - lyrics



You keep on chiming, but I won't come in.  I'm tired of your constant bickering'.  Just can't leave well enough alone, bringing it out too many times 'till it's all dried up and used.  But I've learned just one little trick.  To always try to make the best of it.  But there must be something that's more important, because you can't let it go, you just don't know what to do.  You're strugglin' (yeah, you're strugglin')!  How much longer is the world gonna hold you down.  Strugglin'!  Is it all in my head, or do you always frown.  It's your problem, but I'm feeling used.  I'm too old to take this type of abuse.  I'm too fed up, 'cause you just sit there and stare.  Always a fight, and now I can't take you out anywhere, without a problem either here or there.  Your words, they pursue my feelings without a care.  I'm telling you now, I won't take anymore.  Here's some advice before I kick your ass out my door!  There's way too many other fish in the sea.  Your happy pants don't need to be hanging' around me.  Just for fun, go ahead and try to walk out on your own.  But soon enough you'll be back, to fill that empty space where the fight used to fill up the hole.  Now you're pounding' hard on my front door.  I snuck out the back, I don't need no more.  I've got to get my head out of your mess.  I don't deserve or desire to deal with the likes of you!  No where to go, and no where to turn.  Don't feel too good to receive the burn.  But you'll move on to another guy, who's hopefully way too smart to give a crab a try.