This Took Some Time - Noisome Records CD 1998 - lyrics


Try N' Try

Try and try, but you cannot win.  The girl is definitely under your skin.  Try your best to run and hide.  To give up all of your will and pride.  But each time that you can't let go, you perpetuate the life you don't want to know.  Give me a break, give me half the chance.  You try to blame it all on circumstance.  But I remember when you said to me, that this kind of guy I will never be.  But I know, you're not the one to blame.  If I were in your shoes, I would do the same.  You say resolve and make a change for the better.  You have your say in the form of a letter.  But you awake to the morning sun, staring down the barrel of a brand new gun, no!