I Don't Think You Hear Me, Though. - Noisome Records CD 2000 - lyrics


Wrong Again

Your humor lately has been cold as ice.  It made me want to think twice.  Have I been doing anything to get on your nerves?  But I'm rock steady, and I've got no regrets.  You're living off those cigarettes.  Making the bad times seem to go slower and slower.  The friend I've got in you is so hard to find.  No penny for your thoughts, bring a dime.  Don't let it fester.  I know it will eat you up, baby, I just know it.  But you go, delving in again.  Into what you think is real.  You try and you try, you know you keep dying but, baby, you deny it.  Just wait a little longer, things might not be so bad.  You might even be glad.  At times like this, man, I'm so glad my friends don't write me off, no!  But you thought that this would be the end.  But then you'd be wrong again.